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Shakepay private key

shakepay private key Also check whether the wallet you choose allows you to retain full control of your private keys, or whether you’ll have to surrender ownership to a third party such as an exchange. A software wallet will store the private key to your Doge on your device whether it be a mobile phone, a desktop computer or a laptop. If the recovery was successful, Binance’s team may need to perform wallet installation, upgrade and reset of private key under instruction of the staffs. I recently setup a Shakepay account and successfully purchased a small amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum during a trial run. This policy covers most damages, theft, and loss of private keys. Think of the wallet like your GPG public/private key pair. This is precisely what we covered in the latest episode ( episode 31 ) of Go Full Crypto. Your stored tokens are protected by our multi-layered security features. Private Company. in category one Posted on . Independent security reportShakepay hired a security firm to independently review our At Shakepay, we make the security of your account, personal information, and money a top priority. “And people need to learn how to take responsibility for the private keys that control their Jeff Booth is the author of the book ‘The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future’. Once done, you can follow the steps below: Log in to the Shakepay app; On the main screen, tap the “Send” button Shakepay: Buy/Sell Bitcoin in Canada 🇨🇦 Canadians buy and sell digital currencies in minutes with the Shakepay wallet. Deeper liquidity and a private, more personalized service to clients filling larger orders. Custodial: The provider holds the coins Interval call without valid API Key is 3600 seconds or 60 minutes. A hardware wallet allows you to keep the private key of your wallet offline at all times making your wallet less prone for hacks. Shakepay is a Montreal-based technology company that provides financial applications for building wealth. Bitbuy uses an automated verification system that verifies customers in minutes while also adhering to Canadian KYC regulations. Clients using a TDD/TTY device: 1-800-539-8336. In addition to this, users will also have the ability to transfer crypto funds to one another with the simple touch of a button. Fees Both of these exchanges use effectively the same fee structure; however, Coinberry charges a 0. If you’re not seeing your bonus of $30, enter POVM000 manually, here. Interview with Jeff Booth, Author of The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation Is the Key to an Abundant Future. Private keys are used to unlock your wallet and access your money. Bitcoin can appreciate in value very quickly. me/r/HUQFI60Blue Wallet Tutorial:https://www. Download The Keystore File. Keys are made up of a random sequence of numbers and letters. Remember the private key should never be given out to anyone, no matter what (like your bank PIN), while your public address can be given freely so others can send Buy & Securely manage your crypto in one single-app, anywhere you go. ShakePay. We don’t want you storing your Bitcoin on Shakepay. Ledger offers the best level of protection: your key remains protected in a certified secure chip. No fees for funding or withdrawals You can add an additional, “loose” account to MetaMask using a private key or json file. 20/01/2016 10:14 Are your bitcoins stuck in cold storage or on your paper wallet? Sure those are both GREAT places to keep them, but how do you get them out? What does 'sweep Private Keys. However, all they need is the public key, or address, to send funds to you. The new service connects to a user's bank credit and debit card, rounds up every purchase made to the nearest dollar and uses the resulting change For example, exchanges can sell you private key coverage, so you can be insured in case you lose your private keys. Instant Verification. Next step, you need to setup a wallet that allows you to import the private key. Click here to sign up for ShakePay and get $30 CAD free to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. Trying to learn more before making a large investment and put all important information I'll need (e. Insurance policy Shakepay holds an insurance policy on the digital currencies held in cold storage. Canadian crypto exchange Shakepay has secured cold wallet insurance through Aon with Lloyd's of London underwriters. Support for Cryptonight (Original, Monero v7, Stellite v7), Cryptonight Light (Original, Aeon v7, IPBC) Cryptonight Fast 1) A wallet - just like your physical wallet, a bitcoin wallet is what "stores" your currency (which is your activity on the blockchain, but whatever). We're on a mission to create open access to building wealth. Customers have often asked us how they can transfer Bitcoin and Ethereum from an external platform (for example, Coinbase) or from their personal wallet to their Shakepay wallet. 14 articles in this collection Written by Sophie, Jean, Hussam and 2 others Verifying my account. With ICOs raking in millions and the price of Bitcoin hovering near $10,000 per coin, crypto is big money. Shakepay is the easiest way for Canadians to buy Bitcoin and pay their friends. An Ethereum account is an entity that can send transactions and has a balance. Instant verification: Get your account setup in minutes, not days. 95% cold storage policy and 2FA enabled on all Disclaimer: Third-parties act like banks and partly the reason why Bitcoin was created in the first place - so that people would not be beholden to them. Make sure to keep BOTH your seed phrase and private key(s) securely stored to recover all your accounts. As we’ve seen over the last few years, the price of one bitcoin can skyrocket orders of magnitude in a matter of months. To begin depositing crypto into your Binance Wallet, visit the Binance website and log in to your account. The intention is to get people to think critically about where they place their money, and what amount of claim of ownership do they have over that crypto? THE PRIVATE KEY IS NOT SAFE TO PASTE ANYWHERE ONLINE. Bitcoin for Canadians: Shakepay change email / shakepay weekend (Forum Reviews) Cryptotab chrome addon for cryptotab Unstoppable domains ledger for crypto key generate please define a domain name first 【SPECIAL OFFER】 Bitcoin for Canadians: Shakepay vs newton for shakepay montreal for free Cryptocurrency Cell Pockets Launched By Canadian Startup Shakepay. Crypto enthusiast Mason Borda recounted to Reuters that in 2016 -through a company called Shakepay-could buy a Tesla Model 3 1. Verdict Explained. This allows you to conveniently buy/sell and send/receive digital currencies but it also means that you are trusting Shakepay to hold your private keys for you. We want you to learn how to be self-sovereign, to run your own keys, and to own your own wealth. Finally, fold up the paper wallet so the private key is hidden. To contrast, ShakePay lets you withdraw your bitcoin and ethereum into a wallet that you control. We recommend Google Authenticator (iOS, Android) or Microsoft Authenticator (iOS, Android). These devices are extremely secure and will protect your currency from malware and other types of viruses that may exist on your computer. Download an Authenticator on your mobile device. That makes it – and you – a target for scams and phishing websites that try to get your wallets’ private keys. A wallet stores your private “key” which allows you to access and send your coins. A close analogy would be an IP address. And if you just gave out a private key - the merchant now has it. Secure & easy to use crypto wallet with 100+ assets and counting. Saves time and money for big-time traders. It's worth understanding the differences between some key terms. Published March 4, 2021 Jeff Booth is a visionary leader who has lived at the forefront of technology change for 20 years. Shakepay. Customer Service 1-800-KEY2YOU ® (539-2968). There maybe a way to do that with rewriting the magnetic strip. key takeaways Brokers need personal information to comply with tax laws, anti-money laundering regulations, anti-terrorist financing requirements, record-keeping procedures, and determining High performance Node. The wallet also has an "address". youtub I sent $600 on Feb 18th via E-transfer… I sent $600 on Feb 18th via E-transfer to Shakepay, called my bank and they said that Shakepay accepted my money on the same day, it is now Mar 7th, that is 17 days and counting, these clowns don't even respond to any messages on email or through the actual Hey Canada! Have you heard of Bitcoin but have never pursued purchasing it because of how complicated or technical it seems? Give me 27 minutes - and I will Private key protection. DONT EVEN TAKE A PICTURE OF THE PRIVATE KEY WITH YOUR PHONE. Security. A small amount is kept in hot wallets to serve the liquidity needed for everyday transactions. 50% fee, while Shakepay charges a 0. If you live in Canada and you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use wallet, Shakepay is worth a look. Intertan, I think you have an idea with using keys on a card. Trust me, I know that sounds ridiculous, stupid, and suspicious, but ShakePay is a legitimate company based out of Montréal which is regulated by both FINTRAC and AMF while it is also legally licensed as a Money Service Business. Please note: your seed phrase will not recover any “loose accounts” (accounts added with a private key/json file). This policy covers most damages, theft, and loss of private keys. Thought there was a glitch on setup now i know there was, was okay for a couple of days, i am now locked out, asks for a password that i never got, tried to reset with seed phrase, i have that, its 12 words and asks for 24 so keeps saying invalid, now I can't retrieve my funds, including LP staked funds. That’s all. Shakepay’s new insurance covers all funds held in cold storage, meaning it covers “physical theft of the media where the private keys are held,” he said. Private keys should be kept secret. This policy covers most damages, theft, and loss of private keys. You need a “public key” and a “private key” to use your wallet. Via shakepay PLEASE HELP" (if I had the private key I could sweep and get the etc) so I can assure you they will not / not be able to help you with that. Then, Log in to Shakepay; For mobile, go to Settings > Security > Authenticator app and tap Copy secret The private phrase, consisting of different words, is unique to your coins on the blockchain. Nonetheless, you should move your crypto assets of Shakepay and any other exchanges to your own (cold) private-key hodling storage. This File Enable Or Allow You To Decrypt Your Wallet Just Alike Private Key Does, So If You Lose It Or Someone Gains Access To It, Your Coins Are Locked. Clients using a relay service: 1-866-821-9126. OTHER WAYS TO SUPPORT THE SHOW: MY ALL-ENCOMPASSING GUIDE TO GETTING STARTED WITH Shakepay is licensed as a Money Service Business by FINTRAC and the AMF to operate in all Canadian provinces and territories. This policy covers most damages, theft, and loss of private keys. Mobile cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer wallet Shakepay has announced a new product that allows its Canadian customers to buy bitcoin with spare change. Menu. As it provides access to your cryptocurrencies, it should – as the name suggests – remain private. Your software wallet holds your private key so only you can access your Bitcoin that is stored on the Blockchain. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Canadian dollars (CAD). Always make sure that you are logging in to the genuine Binance website by carefully Buy Bitcoin in Canada using Shakepay and get $10 for free after your first $100 purchase: Blue Wallet Tutorial: Get the Ledger Backup Pack – Includes Ledger Nano X & S. Hardware wallets are an external device used specifically to store bitcoin. We're on a mission to create open access to building wealth. It contains a public and private key that provides access to a unique cryptocurrency address. If you search on /r/BitcoinCA, you will see a lot of people have been using Shakepay now! If you decide using Shakepay use my referal and we both get $10 if u do over 100$ crypto purchase as well. You can use this to send funds to an account. g. Find a Local Branch or ATM This is known as self-custody, as you are no longer trusting a third party like Shakepay to custody the Bitcoin. An Ethereum account has an Ethereum address, like an inbox has an email address. You need to secure it to secure your funds. Independent security reportShakepay hired a security firm to independently review our I also use the ShakePay app to earn free Bitcoin on a daily basis by physically shaking my phone once a day. We intend on continuing to increase our policy to cover all digital currencies held in cold storage, as required. Bitcoin vs The Pentagon, Delete Coinbase AGAIN, Brave Reflink Fail EP067 . This review was comprehensive, and included independently verifying Customer Assets 2 as well as verifying Customer Balances 3 as a ‘Proof of Reserves’, and whether or not they could be deemed to have the requisite Customer Assets to account for Customer Balances. Rest assured, Shakepay implements Shakepay allows Canadians to buy/sell bitcoin and pay their friends. Coincover offers its users an insured crypto wallet where 100% of your cryptocurrency will be replaced in the event of a security breach. Jean Amiouny, CEO of Shakepay, sees this problem constraining Bitcoin’s mass adoption, too. Looking to cash-out your CAD from your Shakepay account? You can do this through a quick e-transfer. These wallets might be vulnerable to malware, so be sure to take the necessary precautions and only download official or highly recommended wallets. You could have a card with a private key on it, but then you would need to return unused funds back to the card on first use. It is available as a web or mobile app – and only in Canada. IF SOMEONE HAS THIS, THEY CAN TAKE YOUR BITCON. ShakePay is licensed as a money service business (MSB) by FINTRAC and AMF, so is subject to regulatory oversight. Blockchain The Blockchain is a public P2P decentralized network ledger. Much like cash in your wallet, whoever controls the private key of a bitcoin is indeed the owner. The company insures a Montreal-based cryptocurrency exchange called Shakepay Buy Bitcoin in Canada using Shakepay and get $10 for free after your first $100 purchase:https://shakepay. Shakepay’s new insurance covers all funds held in cold storage, meaning it covers “physical theft of the media where the private keys are held,” he said. me/r/S2OSW04 Works with CIBC and TD and RBC ! If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me Shakepay’s new insurance covers all funds held in cold storage, meaning it covers “physical theft of the media where the private keys are held,” he said. Personal Information Shakepay is hiring - see 14 jobs. This news was covered in CoinDesk. Bitcoin address types supported: BASE58 (P2PKH) / Legacy BASE58 (P2SH) / Segwit BECH32 (P2WPKH) / Native Segwit With our online tool, you can verify and validate if a Bitcoin address or multiple addresses are valid. (iii) Seamless Interactions: All Shakepay platform users will have the ability to connect with one another via the use of the native app. An oversimplification to help you understand it would be that your public key is like your username and your private key is like your password for the wallet. Finally, there’s old-fashioned theft. Shakepay allows Canadians to buy/sell bitcoin and pay their friends. We intend on increasing our policy to continue covering all digital currencies held in cold storage, as required. is a Canadian federal corporation based in Montreal, Quebec that is a part of a larger corporate group that provides the Shakepay services ("Shakepay"). Disclosure: ShakePay is an affiliate partner of iPhone in Canada and allows readers to support the site. Canadians from all walks of life—college students to retirees—use Shakepay to connect with the digital economy built on the Internet. If you prefer a software based wallet you can check out our Ethereum wallet page. Shakepay allows users to transact with one another, interact with the blockchain, and move in and out their funds easily through a digital wallet mobile app. For Shakepay, it was about making their customers their strongest evangelists as well. We're on a mission to create open access to building wealth. The vault has a number of security features, such as multifactor authentication and private key segmentation. co/Be sure to follow closely as we make an account and upgrade the account to Full Use . Reevaluate your security to avoid making the same mistakes in the future, but there's nothing you can do to improve the security if your current address. If that’s all, they must have the private keys which makes this app a custodial service and thus not verifiable. Consider finding a crypto wallet that supports your new digital currency and allows you to control your private key. Shakepay allows Canadians to buy bitcoin and pay their friends | Shakepay allows Canadians to buy bitcoin and pay their friends. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Shakepay is regulated by FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) and the AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers). All of the crypto funds owned by users will be safeguarded via the use of a “user-generated private key”. These codes are the 2FA codes that can be used with Shakepay at any time. This policy covers most damages, theft, and loss of private keys. Cold wallet insurance policyShakepay now holds an insurance policy for digital currencies held in cold storage. Shakepay Step 4 In this video, we're going to be setting up Shakepay https://shakepay. Last updated: 2021-03-09 15:27:02 Feedback Launches comment card in new window Launches comment card in new window A non-custodial Wallet offering you a full suite of DeFi services in one place, where you have full control of your crypto and private keys. The data are then encrypted and broken down before being copied onto external drives and paper. Who are Paxful key executives? Paxful's key executives are Ray Youssef and Artur Schaback. Comes with lightweight example front-end script which uses the pool's AJAX API. Get started with as little $5. They can also transfer coins to you. Available on desktop and mobile. Save This File On A USB Stick, Put It In A Ziploc Bag Or Waterproof Container, And Store It In A Safe Place. Move funds out of it ASAP to somewhere that isn't compromised, and for your time-locked stakes Shakepay Launches Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet In Private Beta (CoinJournal. This news was covered in CoinDesk. When you transfer funds from your Xapo web wallet to the Xapo vault, these funds are moved to an offline computer. Shakepay Inc. But if you really don't want to you can find the best free VPN software at Techradar. One of them is how to generate private keys and own your currency. Shakepay’s New Cold wallet insurance policy Shakepay now holds an insurance policy for all digital currencies held in cold storage. On the other hand, they do make life easy. As mentioned in our Shakepay review, they also let you buy Ethereum / ETH - in fact, the process we will describe in this seven steps guide to buy BTC in Canada is the same if you want to buy ETH. This privacy policy applies to all aspects of Shakepay's operations, including its mobile applications and website properties. Individual users can have multiple anonymous handles, each with its own private key. The vast majority of digital currencies are held offline on air-gapped, cold storage wallets. https://shakepay. You have your public key which is like an address to a mailbox. Funds can be added to Shakepay mobile wallets via Interac e-transfers, and users can withdraw their CAD by bank wire. The private key is the signature used to transfer the bitcoins from your device to the next one. The best Security When you own crypto, what you really own is a private key. By accessing this address, cryptocurrency can be stored, transferred, or withdrawn. A private key is essential because it acts like an authorization code, but unlike a centralized system, it cannot be reset. We recommend that a parent or guardian expose the private key on the Opendime (use an offline computer), make a physical copy, and save it in a safe place (fireproof safe or box). js (with native C addons) mining pool for CryptoNote based coins. In other words, they're pretty legit at least on paper. The Shakepay Platform is licensed to you on a non-transferrable, non-sublicensable, worldwide-basis, so that you may use the Shakepay Platform and make use of the intellectual property of which it is composed, including all copyrighted and trademarked works (collectively, “Works”), provided that you do so in accordance with this agreement I sent $600 on Feb 18th via E-transfer… I sent $600 on Feb 18th via E-transfer to Shakepay, called my bank and they said that Shakepay accepted my money on the same day, it is now Mar 7th, that is 17 days and counting, these clowns don't even respond to any messages on email or through the actual The latest tweets from @shakepay In July 2020, Shakepay engaged CipherBlade to conduct a Proof of Reserves and Security Review 1. private key, transactions, ip HODLers of Last Resort Proof of Keys. Ledger Nano X Tutorial video: LEDN offers Bitcoin backed loans – Sign up and get $50 free. This is the password that will allow you to spend the money in the wallet, so protect this at all costs. How to sell a large amount of bitcoin If you’re looking to sell a large amount of bitcoin, such as $50,000 or more, conducting the transaction through an ordinary crypto exchange may not be the best way to go about it. Then you'd make a withdrawal request to your wallet address. Optional: If you want to get fancy, you can order tamper evident seals so you know if someone has been peeking at your private key. These are used to authenticate transactions. By the end of 2017, we will directly link the TenX Wallet to the COMIT network, thereby allowing users to store their own private keys. Shakepay shall track the use of the Referral Code and attribute any new customer that signs up to Shakepay using your Referral Code (the “Referee”). A recent policy update helped solve a problem with a high spread between Shakepay’s prices and the actual market prices of the two cryptos that it supports, bitcoin and ether. The cold storage, in turn, is provided by a Bitcoin Trading on Shakepay Digital Future Made EasyWhen it comes to buying/selling/trading cryptocurrencies choosing a right market can be very daunting, s Shakepay | 2,563 followers on LinkedIn. Shakepay is arguably the easiest way to buy bitcoins in Canada today. With coins in your wallet you are free to make transfers to other Shakepay users for whatever reason. ShakePay is both an exchange and a digital wallet based in Montreal. Manage & exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and more. The cold storage, in turn, is provided by a Shakepay's frequently asked questions (FAQ) General +2. He is also a successful technology entrepreneur, having founded or sitting on the board of several tech companies The private key to each TenX Wallet is currently secured via an industry-standard hot & cold storage solution. While the platform does not allow customers to hold their own cryptocurrency private keys when funds are stored in the Shakepay app, the company makes it easy for customers to move their funds to their own personal crypto wallets. You may also save the Opendime as a redundant copy, but make sure to store it in a safe place because anyone is able to gain access to the funds through the physical Join Date Jul 2006 Location Victoria Park My Ride '16 FoRS, '09 UZN215, '90 Z32, '15 Grom Posts 3,738 Rep Power 29 Bitcoin Private Key Finder. It is strongly advised you use a secure paid-for VPN: you are dealing with money afterall. 75% fee on cryptocurrency purchases. You can use a VPN (virtual private network) that makes you appear to be accessing the internet from a different country. If somebody actually does have your private key, they own the address just as much as you do. Be sure you check your insurance policies before taking any risk. This means that a user share the same quota of requests per day when they authenticate with the same API Key on different computers. A wallet also stores your public address which is needed for others to send you cryptocurrency. His book was published in January 2020, and is incredibly prescient, with many of his predictions being revealed or confirmed during the current crisis over Covid-19. Cold wallet insurance policy Shakepay now holds an insurance policy for digital currencies held in cold storage. Every Bitcoin user has at least one private key (basically, a password), which is a whole number between 1 and 78 digits in length. Founded date unknown. org Shakepay’s new insurance covers all funds held in cold storage, meaning it covers “physical theft of the media where the private keys are held,” he said. Users who feel comfortable looking after their own private keys can achieve a greater level of security by purchasing cryptocurrency directly from their BRD wallets. QR Code Support to easily send or receive payments √In short, the cryptocurrency exchange app can be automatic with the exception of one step: BITCOIN PRIVATE KEY FINDER GENERATOR 2018 100% WORK FREE DOWNLOAD 00:03:05 Ultimate Bitcoin Private Key Hacker Webapp. Control your bitcoin and crypto private keys �� Shakepay makes it as easy as possible for customers to quickly withdraw bitcoin and ether after every purchase. Your private key is what gives you full control over your crypto and by leaving them on the exchanges only they have the keys. Fast free funding: Interac e-Transfer, wire transfers, BTC, and ETH. KeyBank Online Banking Login. We’re on a mission to create open access to building wealth. For API requests using private API Key, you can make up to 5760 requests per day. To cash-out, you will need to sell your crypto for CAD first. Plus, they’re insured by the FDIC for US residents. How many employees does Paxful have? Paxful has 373 employees. Invest in cryptocurrencies at your own risk; this article is not investment advice. Dubbed "ShakePay Change," the pre-launch of the service was announced in a Medium post. Unknown. What’s most unique about coincover is their cryptocurrency storage solution. Source partnerships: Conduct outreach to key decision makers at the biggest brands in the world and build your pipeline of opportunities. Remember – you can’t access your coins without your private key, so don’t disclose it to anyone. We’ll be able to update your Shakepay account’s phone number and reset your 2-Factor Authentication code. electrum is a good one, you can download it from electrum. This app is the companion app for theBitcoin Wallet for COINiDand allows a setup with this being the actual wallet that holds the private keyswithout ever being online and the other app being the wallet interface thatknows balance and receiving addresses but that can’t send coins without thisapp. This news was covered in CoinDesk. Here, we explain the importance of owning and controlling your private keys. Right now, Shakepay is a developer-heavy staff engaged on three key areas to improve the state of exchanges in Canada. . Secondly, most mining software will get flagged as a virus from virus scanners. It’s a great idea to prepare by securing online accounts early. We very much believe in that. With cryptocurrency, no one is supposed to see that private key, just like they couldn’t get a copy of your mailbox key in real life. Every January 3rd the Bitcoin community HODLers of Last Resort participate in a Proof of Keys celebration by demanding and taking possession of all bitcoins held by trusted third parties on their behalf. A wallet can be considered an account where you can keep your private keys. Kim Chomiak. There are wallets specifically made for desktops and smartphones. Coinbase applies its own digital coin framework on new cryptocurrencies. Educate merchants: Position yourself as a resource for educating prospective merchants on Bitcoin and Shakepay's value props. Send crypto from another wallet to Shakepay. net) Montreal-based fintech startup Shakepay has announced the release of its digital wallet in private beta. Cold wallet insurance policyShakepay now holds an insurance policy for digital currencies held in cold storage. Become the only one in charge of your assets. Digital Currencies. Shakepay. Who are Paxful competitors? Competitors of Paxful include Shakepay, Zumo and Savedroid. Sorry. You can read more about what a VPN is here. In Bitcoin circles, there is a saying “ not your keys, not your coins ” – simply meaning if you don’t control the private key, the third party in control of those keys owns your coins and you would lose them should something happen to that third party. ) to access Bitcoin on paper so I won't lose access to the money I invested. emails, passwords, pins, personal info, etc. Authenticated requests are associated with the private API Key. Then you have your private key which is like the key to your mailbox. Public keys are used to identify your wallet. Popular hardware wallets include Ledger and Bitbox. Enter your information in a fake site and your funds disappear. These words are your private key and should not be shared with anyone who offers to help you. The cold storage, in turn, is provided by a For example, exchanges can sell you private key coverage, so you can be insured in case you lose your private keys. The company secures all sensitive data (personal information, wallet addresses, and private keys) with AES-256 SSL encryption. Note that they control your private keys, and ultimately your funds. In order for you and the Referee to have access to the ShakingSats program (the “ShakingSats Program”) and its rewards (the “ShakingSats Rewards”), the following must occur: Something to be aware of is that users do NOT have access to private keys for purchased or deposited ETH or BTC. Your “private key” is comparable to an actual key: this key unlocks the right for its owner to spend the associated cryptocurrencies. Private keys confirm their owners’ identities and allow them to spend or receive Bitcoin. The recovery process may take a few months or more. shakepay private key